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Writing My Legacy: Book I

Published June 8, 2014 by RowanMeir Films

“You are not going out this day, nor any other day that strips away what you have yet to do. You have not fixed it. You have not done what it was you were born to do. I’m not going to do it for you. I’m not going to lift your banner for you to see it through. You’re the one, you’re the one who’s going to have to do it. You’re going to have to fight through this blow in order to shine on.” – The Wolf King

(Excerpt from Legacy © Copyright 2014 NeverMore Publications, LLC)

Rebekah and Reginald

Rebekah and Reginald

When I first began writing the screenplay to Legacy, I was in a place in life where nothing was really happening–all the humdrum of the hours was nothing but that…a hum. And what I needed was the loud beat of the drum, pounding its way into my soul, summoning the call of the soldier within to march to a different tune than the hum I was repeating from the sunrise of the days before. I had to ask myself, Why is it that I feel this way and what is it that I was ultimately after, for the answer to that alone would be the key to my unsung door. What I wanted was to be in a different place in life where I did not have to struggle so hard to live the life I had chosen for myself–that of a creator–an actor, a writer, a dreamer.

The Mariner Princess and Shark Warriors

The Mariner Princess and Shark Warriors

So I pondered my existence at that moment, remembering the day when I veered down another path than the one I was on, asking myself, what do I want out of this, and why do I feel the need to do it? Well, for one, I have to do it; there is no surer answer. And yet, I wanted to live a life better than the one I was living. I wanted to dream a bigger dream where those that came after me–my friends, nephews, nieces, godchildren, children and grandchildren–would know without a shadow of a doubt that dreams were possible…and that they could thrive, that they could grow, and that they could be lived upon. And out of that moment where I looked ahead to all the goals I had set in place for myself and all my bloodline after me (if they wanted it), I had forgotten a very simple thing: it is who you are and how you lived that is remembered best. Not the money and success you leave behind. That may encourage someone with a similar dream, but how you live and what you stand for is what truly inspires. And it was off that reminder that the story to Legacy came to life.

"Remember...remember..." - Chief Netapheha

“Remember…remember…” – Chief Netapheha

I think I wrote the outline to the screenplay in a single sitting, pouring over the pain of the moments where I have felt myself standing still, marking the barriers that stood in my way, wondering where it was I was meant to go, and knowing that when I got there I might not be equipped for the moment I alone have imagined. Weaving it into an epic fairytale, I found myself lost in the inspired worlds of my childhood–Neverending Story, Star Wars, Legend, Krull, Harry Potter, The Wizard of Oz, Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Narnia–all over again. What I came up with ultimately broke my heart and put it back together again. I had no intention whatsoever of turning it into a book, but like all things…you should always be open-minded. You never know what door is the one that is meant to be opened. And this one opened like a flood.

“To never have what you thought you wanted, to never be what you dreamed you could be, to give everything you had and get nothing in return…it is a choice you have to make, young lion. Do you engage?”
Marcus stood and looked up at the eagle captain towering over him.
“You may fail, prince…but the better question to ask is…what if you win?”

(Excerpt from Legacy; Property of NeverMore Publications, LLC)

May you enjoy the passion of my heart…my Legacy

Written by: #CorinaMarie

(Corina Marie is an actress, producer and screenwriter.)

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